B2K fans have already been blessed with the group's return to the stage. After announcing that all four members are taking their music on the road, along with other acts of their generation, the group may also be planning to return to the silver screen. According to J Boog's recent Instagram uploads, "You Got Served 2" is in the works. 

The singer posted three identical teasers captioned, "y'all ain't ready." The clip announces that the film is "coming soon." There is not much information concerning the production apart from its title and apparent connection to Footage Films.

From the looks of the production company's website, the only upcoming movie under their banner is We Belong Together, which happened to have already been released in the summer of 2018. This apparent discrepancy, paired with the fact that You Got Served already has a sequel, makes the announcement seem questionable. 

J Boog reassured his fans with some video messages posted via his IG stories. "Yes, everything is real," he says. "The tour is real. the movie is real."

You Got Served came out in January 2004 and the sequel, You Got Served: Beat The World was released in 2011. If this upcoming movie actually happens, die-hard fans of the first installment might consider it the only real sequel if it features the original cast.