The Future hook is a powerful thing. It can single-handedly make a hit song, it can resurrect a career, it can even show up three times on a fake Carter V tracklist with no one batting an eye. The Future hook can be triumphant, vulnerable, melodic, punchy, sometimes all at the same... ok you get the idea. 

Future's presence on rap choruses has become an accepted standard. He's been called the new T-Pain (even by the old T-Pain), but outside of the auto-tune use/abuse, his appeal is much different. This can easily be traced by his roots, T-Pain being earth-born and Future, of course, hailing from Pluto.

All jokes aside, Future's unique lovelorn robot approach to vocals, and undeniable knack for songwriting has proved that he's far from a flash in the pan, and his partnership with Mike WiLL has resulted in a bonafide hit-making team.

With hundreds of songs available, it's hard to narrow Fewtch's catalogue to just 20 tracks. We've included a selection of his best and most defining tracks, including some of his biggest hits, some overlooked gems, and a few experiments (disclaimer: there's a Flo Rida song included in the list... come at me y'all). 

Please feel free to share some of your favorite tracks in the comment section below, and perhaps we can all achieve astronaut status together.