When it comes to game-used items, auctions are typically reserved to sneakers and jerseys because what else is there to auction off?

Mouth guards, that's what.

A fan picked up one of Stephen Curry's chewed up mouth guards off the floor near the Warriors bench after a game this season and now it is headed to the auction block. 

"Steph Curry has given more life to mouthguards than any player in history," said Dan Imler, vice president of SCP Auctions. "The way he flips it in and out of his mouth has become part of watching him during a game."

Imler expects the game-used mouth guard, which has Golden State's logo along with Curry's name and number on it, to sell for no less than $5,000. And nobody should be surprised by that, we're talking about the hardest working mouth guard in the game. Stephen Curry flat out abuses that thing on a nightly basis, especially when he steps up to the free throw line.

According to ESPN, this isn't the firs time SCP Auctions has sold off this type of item either. 

"SCP sold Muhammad Ali's mouthpiece from his final bout for $6,700 in 2013. Sotheby's sold Ty Cobb's dentures for $7,475 in 1989. A piece of gum chewed by Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez sold for $10,000 in an online auction in 2002."

If you're looking for a new mouth guard for your mantelpiece, the auction for Stephen Curry's will begin on August 3rd.