While the hip hop community is still mourning the passing of his mother Afeni Shakur, we have some slightly different Tupac news. Someone has put Tupac’s persona 1996 Hummer H1 on an auction site. It’s not the first of Tupac Shakur’s memorabilia that has appeared online recently.

The car has just over 10,000 miles, as Tupac bought it only a month before he was murdered. It’s been upgraded since it was originally purchased, and now sports a Sony GPS system, an external PA system, diamond-plate bumpers and 38-inch off-road lights. Thankfully, it still retains some of its ‘90s charm with the 12-disc Clarion CD system.

The H1 Hummer passed through a lot of hands after Pac’s death, including his mother (who kept it in storage until 2003), BET (who gave it away as part of a raffle), and the parents of Outlawz rapper and friend of Tupac, Yaki ‘Prince’ Kadafi.

The site currently estimates the vehicle will be sold for over $100,000, although how much more is anyone’s guess. The action will be open from May 12 to May 19. You can find out more information here if you’re the type to purchase deceased rapper’s cars.