Mel Carter, manager of Yo Gotti, has passed away. Yo Gotti shared the news on social media early this morning, later writing a touching tribute to his friend and colleague on Instagram.

"You Helped Me! You Dedicated Ur Life To My Vision, To My DREAM," he wrote. "You Finally Got Me To Leave To Country & Go To UK, Dubai To See Da World, We Made Millions In Such A Short Time! They Told Us We Needed A Big Feature To Get A No.1 Record , They Told Us We Will Never Do Shows In Vegas Cause I Was Too Gangsta .. We Luv To Hear Them Say What We Couldn't Do, So We Went Got Our 1st No.1 RECORD #Solo."

"When I Met You I Told Ion really like Rappers, They Change up To Much," he continued. "I only Rock Wit A Few FrFr.. And Only Person I Wanted To Work Wit Dat I Haven't Was Kanye... It May Took A While But You Took Me To His Door Step 💯 Nah Literally ... To His House."

While the reasons for Carter's passing have not been revealed, it seems that he had a strong impact on many people within the hip-hop industry. Following Gotti's post, a few more familiar faces shared condolences for Carter and his family, including T.I., French Montana, 2 Chainz, and Mike Will.

View some of the posts below. RIP Mel Carter.