Last night Gucci Mane was on a streak ,dissing rapper after rapper, Yo Gotti included. Gucci was upset that Gotti released his mixtape, CM7, on the designated Brick Squad Day, October 17th. 

Yo Gotti visited K97 and spoke to Devin Steel about the Gucci Mane situation, and explains what went down between the two former-friends.

Yo Gotti explains what happened before the tapes dropped, saying he knew Gucci was upset he would be dropping his tape on the same day, "It came down to me and homie were dropping on the same day, I didn't know in the beginning, I found out a day or so later. But once I found out, 'cause he's supposed to be my homeboy, I hit his phone immediately, 'cause I'm thinking like, we gon' shut it down. So I hit him. And he ain't hit me back, he ain't answer. So I'm thinking like maybe he got a different number. Last minute, we in the lab, we heard about the tweet, I immediately hit his phone, was like, 'wassup homie you good?' You know we chopped it up, and long story short from that point I realized that homie had an an issue for whatever reason it was, of his free music and my free music coming out the same day. I don't really get it but, on the strength of me feeling like he's my home boy, I say 'cool, do your thing, I'll come out tomorrow.'"

Yo Gotti continues to say in the end, he is just disappointed in Gucci, whom he considered a friend, and who has reportedly already recoreded a diss track towards Gotti. "I'm more disappointed than anything, 'cause, you mentioned a diss record, I heard about the record last night...I'm more disappointed in him than anything, 'cause I looked at him different, what I perceived of him is not the way he playin' out. The Gucci I always knew, I thought he was a straight-up, stand-up guy, street type dude, and street dudes don't handle business like that."

Watch the full video below. He also discusses his situation with Plies. What do you think of this potential beef between Gotti and Gucci?