Yo Gotti is gearing up for a run. Following up the release of his playful and self-affirming "H.O.E'" anthem, Gotti has set his sights on this coming Friday January 31st to drop off his brand new solo album UntrappedAs the clock steady ticks, Gotti took some time to hit up Funkmaster Flex's lair, in which bars, not dollars nor Akoin, are the chief currency. In the introductory moments, Flex mentions that wrangling Gotti into the studio was no easy task. "Man, you can't pull me out the shadows," says Gotti. "Only for you, Flex."

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Queuing up Kanye West's iconic "Takeover" instrumental, as blessed by Jay-Z all those years ago, Yo Gotti establishes his own presence. "I ain't dropped a freestyle in a decade," he raps, in the opening bars. "N***a I had five-hundred K in the tenth-grade / how you be with Jay and them? he don't ever switch ways / thousand dollar flights for the barber cause we don't switch fades / back when New York n***as were toting switchblades, we had extendos, never played with Nintendos." 

Delivering nothing but the sauce, Gotti closes on an emotionally powerful note. "Rest in peace to Kobe, rest in peace to Gigi," he raps. "Only went to the Grammys for the tribute to Nipsey." Check out the full freestyle below, and check back Friday for Yo Gotti's final album on Epic Records.