Yo Gotti’s so far successful 2016 has been marred by damages to his Lamborghini Aventador. While the luxury sports car was in the shop for repairs, an employee reportedly took the car out for a joyride one morning and crashed it into a tractor trailer. Now Yo Gotti is suing the dealership for damages.

The dealership in question is Motorcars of Georgia, and Yo Gotti is reportedly suing for $80,000 in damages to the vehicle as well as his emotional trauma from the incident. The crash must have been pretty minor, because the original cost of Gotti’s car was $409,000. He frequently shows it off on his Instagram and in his music videos, although it has apparently been off the streets for many months now.

Gotti has a pretty good case on his hands, as the crash occurred 20 miles away from the dealership and the rapper says he never gave permission for the car to be taken off the lot. He can’t feel too terrible though, as his single “Down In The DM” recently went platinum. Listen to his recent "Moolah" remix featuring Lil Wayne.

[via TMZ]