Yo Gotti Heads To The Desert For "For The Record" Visuals

  October 07, 2021 15:06
The Memphis icon brought the Rolls Royce to the desert.

After dropping "For The Record" last Friday,Yo Gotti is back with visuals for the record and they are TOUGH. 

Starting off immediately with the Memphis rapper crouched between four Rolls Royce trucks in the middle of the desert, Yo Gotti is all-the-way iced out and dives right into the record. 

Rapping about deals he made with his friends' best interests and heart and needing the respect of the streets, Gotti prowls in front of one of the Double-Rs and spits his verse as a helicopter and more black SUVs make their way to him. In the blink of an eye, he bounces from the desert to a penthouse to a skyscraper helipad and it's as seamless as ever.

Displaying his power, financial prowess and survival ability, Yo Gotti painted a perfect picture of a boss with the resources to pull anything off. "For The Record" is a legitimate anthem and deserved visuals that matched its energy and that is exactly what it got. 

Check out the "For The Record" video above and let us know what you think in the comments. 

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Yo Gotti Heads To The Desert For "For The Record" Visuals