In a recent interview with VladTV, Memphis emcee Yo Gotti clarified a rumor concerning himself and T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records, that being his alleged signing with the label, which T.I. alluded to in an earlier interview last year.

"What happened was, I didn't necessarily see it, but I heard about it," said Gotti. "When I hit my people about it, they were like 'it got chopped up wrong' ... Me and him talked about it a couple of different ways. We just tried to figure out which way it [made] sense... I had just done a deal with L.A. Reid, and like, how could it make sense? That's what we were trying to figure out, if it was something possible that we could do."

Gotti went on to describe his relationship with T.I. in depth. 

"It was more like, I fuck with T.I. - outside of the music, homes showed me shit, taught me shit... I've been environments [with him] where it ain't have nothin' to do with music. It had to do with other business where he let me sit in on meetings and movie shit, and a whole bunch of other shit. Like on some little brother shit. So, I most definitely got nothin' but respect for him. So, me, personally, I think he respect my hustle. When forming Grand Hustle, I was one of the niggas that he looked at like 'I could form it with [him] because homes a real hustler'". 

Fair enough. Peep the full interview below: