The past few months have seen Team ROC, spearheaded by rapper Yo Gotti, go up against the Mississippi Department of Corrections for the absolutely detrimental conditions within their prison system. The call for action is getting even louder now that the spread of coronavirus is threatening to make matters even worse.

Yo Gotti Team ROC Mississippi DOC Coronavirus prevention plan
Lester Cohen/Getty Images for NARAS

Based off a press release shared by AP News earlier today (March 13), the philanthropic arm of Roc Nation is officially demanding for the Mississippi DOC to develop a plan that will prevent coronavirus from spreading to inmates over at Parchman where they previously filed lawsuits on behalf of 152 prisoners. The press release went on to state the following: "Inmates at Parchman have been forced to live in deadly environments that lack clean water, adequate food, electricity, heat, access to healthcare and clothing, among many other basic human necessities. While visitors are restricted from accessing the prison and visiting loved ones inside, the recent classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic and the rising death toll are cause for alarm in a penitentiary already low on resources."

The "Rake It Up" rapper added his own words, saying, "These inmates have been subjected to inhumane health and safety risks, and now have to deal with the uncertainty and potential devastation of the coronavirus, too."

Read the full press release over at AP, and we pray that everyone stays safe out here and is doing their best to maintain healthy habits for the sake of yourselves and others.