When you search for "YNW Melly Murder" on Google, the first option that shows up is a link to his hit song "Murder On My Mind." While he likely never imagined his success would happen as he faces a potential life sentence for reportedly murdering his two friends, the Florida rapper is in that exact situation right now. YNW Melly burst onto the scene with his hit single "Murder On My Mind," which has now taken on a completely different meaning. The rapper has been accused of killing his two friends, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, in a staged drive-by with his associate YNW Bortlen. It turns out that all of this publicity may have been a little bit positive for Melly because as of yesterday, "Murder On My Mind" is certified platinum.

The song was certified by the RIAA, leading Melly's team to react on social media. He was congratulated on the success of the single, which may effectively be his first and only platinum record ever.

Both Melly and Bortlen have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Today, a video showing YNW Melly's mother accusing YNW Sakchaser of threatening her with a gun was released online. Yesterday, Kodak Black shared a photo of the incarcerated rapper and his step-cousin Lil Soto, who is in the same facility as Melly.