It's been nearly three years since YNW Melly was initially arrested. While he's been locked up, fans have continued to show their support for him, as he awaits trial for the murder of YNW Sakchaser and YNW Bortlen. On Monday, the rapper filed a motion to court requesting the judge for a speedy trial. In the state of Florida, that means that Melly could make the request at any point and the trial would have to start within 50 days. 

On Tuesday, the defense withdrew their motion for a speedy trial. However, a tentative trial date has been set. Per the Sun Sentinal, Melly's attorney began working out plans with the prosecutors to start jury selection in March. Broward County Circuit Judge Andrew Siegel set a tentative trial date for March 7th. If Melly was granted a speedy trial, his trial would've begun in mid-January.

Melly is currently facing murder charges for allegedly murdering YNW Sakchaser and YNW Bortlen and trying to make it appear as if it were a drive-by shooting. Though Melly wasn't in the vehicle when it arrived at the hospital with Sakchaser and Bortlen, prosecutors accused the rapper of pulling the trigger.

Rumors floating around are that the prosecutors are currently requesting DNA and measurements to recreate the crime scene during trial. We'll keep you posted when those rumors are confirmed.