Before getting locked up on double murder charges, YNW Melly was considered one of the fastest rising rappers from the state of Florida. With the number of superstars the Sunshine State has churned out in the last few years, people were excited to see what would become of the teenager. Early in his career, he kept getting into rough situations with the police, earning an arrest at the beginning of the year for marijuana possession. After he got out of jail, he released his album We All Shine and almost directly following, he turned himself in for double murder. We're waiting to find out what Melly's sentence will be but right now, he's facing the death penalty. When/if he ever gets out, he's already got his eyes on a few possible collaborations, including one with New York's Lil Tjay.

18-year-old Bronx native Tjay has been rising quickly in the ranks of the East Coast's favorite new rappers and it's partly due to his stellar inclusion on Polo G's "Pop Out." His new music video caused a little bit of confusion when some fans believed he was arrested. The star could be seen fighting with cops before being thrown into the back of a cop car. Thankfully, it turns out that it was all for his "F.N" video and even from behind bars, YNW Melly is into the track.

The Florida artist took to his social media pages to extend a co-sign to Lil Tjay, reposting his video and offering a brief message. "Free Da Real," wrote Melly, which Tjay later echoed in the comments.

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