Ever since he was arrested for allegedly murdering his two friends, YNW Melly has built an even stronger fanbase than before. The Florida-bred rapper first gained everybody's attention with his hit single "Murder On My Mind," which has taken a completely different context after his arrest. When it was revealed that Melly nabbed Kanye West for a feature on his most recent album, fans were even more intrigued. Finally, he was arrested for reportedly killing YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, driving around with their dead bodies in his car and bringing them to the hospital. He's spent much of 2019 behind bars, speaking with us several days before he got locked up to detail his past prison experiences. While he awaits his trial, he hopped on the phone with Lil Durk and OTF rapper King Von, laughing with them as the duo recorded the conversation.

Melly, whose real name is Jamell Demons, can be heard smiling on the other end, happy to be speaking with a couple of his friends. Durk and Von did not talk to Melly about the charges he's facing. They appear to have kept the conversation to laughs and general catching up.

People around the country are supporting Melly throughout his legal battle. Many of his fans have been calling for the rapper's release even though Melly's critics are convinced that he should be sentenced to serve a lot of time. Where do you stand?