It would appear that YNW Melly has recently been hit with the long arm of the law. The Sun Sentinal reports that the South Florida rapper was slapped with two misdemeanor drug charges, for marijuana at that. To be specific, the charges in question are "possession of marijuana not more than 20 grams" and "possession and/or use of drug equipment." Basically, Melly got arrested for owning and smoking weed, in a country where the substance is being legalized on an increasing basis. Not to mention the fact that Canada has legalized marijuana altogether. 

Still, Melly found himself catching charges nevertheless, though he does not appear to be even remotely fazed by the process. The 19-year-old rapper can be seen grinning borderline maniacally in his mugshot, promising that he'll be released before his tour kicks off on January 27th. 

It's a shame to see an up-and-comer stymied by such an ultimately trivial charge, but lo and behold. Melly will likely overcome the obstacle nevertheless, and continue to hit the ground running. Stay tuned for his upcoming album We All Shine, dropping January 18th.