YNW Melly made two of his older songs available on streaming services today and it seems as though that wasn't the only move he would make. With tons of new music impacting the airwaves on this wondrous Friday, controversial Florida rapper YNW Melly wanted in on the fun. He may be facing the death penalty for reportedly murdering his two friends and we may not hear that much from the young star but he apparently has enough material to release a brand new album from behind bars.

Making an announcement today on Instagram, YNW Melly and his team let the fans know that a new project is officially on the way. The last body of work that the rapper released was We All Shine, which featured Kanye West on "Mixed Personalities." When it came out, he was in jail for a minor marijuana offense and now, he's facing much more serious consequences.

In order to spread the word, Melly shared an image of himself on the phone in his orange jumpsuit, smiling bright and appearing to be in good spirits. He hashtagged "Melly Vs. Melvin," which is very likely the title of his new album.

Are you keeping your eyes peeled for new music from YNW Melly? Listen to his latest track with Glokknine here.