YG's been dealing with some serious legal matters recently and things don't look like they'll be going his way anytime soon. The rapper tried to put a civil lawsuit against him on hold over an alleged assault and battery in Las Vegas. However, the judge has shut down his request and decided to move forward with the case.

According to The Blast, Benjamin Naderi's lawsuit against YG over an alleged assault and robbery will continue as planned. The rapper tried to put the case on hold until the outcome of his criminal trial is reveal over the same situation in Vegas, but the judge decided the would impact the way the trial goes. The judge said that the evidence in the case mainly revolves around witnesses and if the case is delayed, it might have an impact on their recollection of the case.

The court documents revealed that Naderi would have to wait for his civil lawsuit to commence because the criminal trial just because. The judge further claimed the alleged victim has brought forward enough allegations that show YG "sought to physically and emotionally harm him for asking for a picture.”

YG was initially facing one charge in his criminal trial felony robbery. However, after a grand jury indictment, YG faced two additional charges of larceny and grand larceny.