In a place like America, where nothing is ever as it seems, there have been tons of conspiracy theories floating around surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Some say that this is how the government plans on enforcing Martial Law for good while others have theorized that this is somehow connected to the upcoming election. Whether or not these things are true remains unseen but another conspiracy theory that's floated around the Internet is that COVID-19 and 5G technology are connected.

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Keri Hilson was among one of the first celebrities to claim that there's a link between the novel virus and the cell phone technology but now, YG has a hunch that they are somehow connected. Taking to his IG story, he wrote, "They telling us stay in the house kuz they don’t want us to see all them new 5G towers they putting up….. - stay woke."

Though scientists have debunked these theories, YG is surely not the only person who believes there's a link between the two. In fact, people in the UK have taken grave measures against 5G networks in the wake of this theory. The UK's Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport tweeted out that there no evidence that proves coronavirus is caused by 5G networks after phone towers in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling were lit on fire.

Peep YG's post below.