YG's upcoming debut album, My Krazy Life (formerly I'm From Bompton), has been delayed until 2014, meaning you might not get to hear that Drake-featured banger off the LP for awhile. Although, let's hope sooner rather than later.

In a new interview with Complex, the Compton native spoke on linking up with Drizzy and the decision to change his album title. YG explains how Drake spends a lot of time out in L.A., and that's how he probably first heard of YG.

"I feel like he probably was fucking with it so hard because he heard the shit," the CTE rapper explained. "He was hearing about me on the West Coast, he's out there a lot. All these little females that be fucking on me, they're playing my shit. That's how it happens most of the time. There'll be artists from out of town that will move out there, and they're living the life, having females over, and they ask, "Who the nigga out here?" And the females will tell you.

YG also unabashedly told Complex that he fucks his women to the sound of Drizzy's voice. "I have a lot of sex to Drake shit, no homo. I be fucking my bitches to Drake shit," he stated.

YG also reveals that it was Jeezy who encouraged him to change his album name. "I was talking to Young Jeezy about the album, he was asking me about the title. I told him I'm From Bompton and he asked me who do I want to support my album? Do I want a certain type of people or do I want the whole world? I told him I want the whole world. If my album was called I'm From Bompton it means like, I'm gangbanging, so certain people might feel some type of way. They won't purchase my album because I'm gangbanging, they ain't with what I'm with. So I'd be like fucking myself up, low-key," he said.

Check out the full interview here.