Giving out your phone number to someone you don't know well - at a party, a business meeting, wherever - is always a tricky proposition, since you're never totally sure if the other person will treat your digits respectfully. Giving your phone number out publicly on Twitter, to millions of strangers who happen to read your post? That's risk taking at a whole new level.

Unbelievably, this is exactly what rapper YG supposedly did yesterday afternoon (January 17th), in response to another social media user who was giving out a "fake" number. "Slap whoever giving y’all YG fake number," he said. "This my real line (747) 259-9747 , Tap In." There's no indication as to whether that YG's real number (we haven't tried calling it as of this writing), which led to a small investigation as to whether the area code matches up with the neighborhood that the rapper lives in.

Whether or not it's true, that didn't stop many, many women from shooting their shot. What I can only imagine must be thousands upon thousands of selfies are surely sitting in YG's inbox, should the number he gave out really be his. Nudes or not, there were some valiant attempts to show the emcee some lovin', literally.

Elsewhere, others were simply trying to get in touch with the rapper for a quick chat or question, ones that had nothing to do with lustful or romantic aspirations. You can check out a sampling of the non-selfie reaction below.

Would you ever give out your phone number like that? Let us know in the comments.