Not since Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" has a  unity between man and beast caused such an uproar. Now, with Kanye West's "dragon blood" intimately linking him to his so-called brother Donald Trump, the hip-hop community has wasted little time in raising their collective eyebrows. After all, how can a rapper entertain the notion of harboring conservative-leaning views? In all honesty, it feels like being an entertainer in 2018 means one must align with the Democrats. So in that regard, Ye has officially gone against the grain, making him the first rapper to openly ride for Conservative values in recent memory. 

Yet for many, it remains "fuck Donald Trump" as usual. Especially if you're YG and Nipsey Hussle, who dropped one of their biggest hits with that message at the forefront. In fact, they even used Kanye's "MAGA" selfie as a backdrop during a recent performance. Clearly, Kanye's message of unified love between all parties won't sit well with everyone, especially those with deeply entrenched principles. Despite the fundamental disagreement in political alignment, YG is at least keeping things one hundred with Yeezy, making it clear he's still got love for him.

"KANYE WE LOVE YOU. BUT FUCK TRUMP," writes YG, via Twitter. It's safe to say that Kanye no doubt appreciated the love, as he's all about giving it out these days. So much so that he's risking alienating massive portions of his fanbase in order to spread his message. One wonders if Mr. West is truly destined for a White House visit after all.