There's been a lot of news happening in the NBA over the past few days. After Lebron James joined the Lakers and Demarcus Cousins joined the Warriors, basketball fanatics are excited to see the outcome of the next season. In addition, it was recently announced that Paul George re-signed to the Oklahoma City Thunders. YG and Paul George have spoken highly of each other in the past but the rapper believes George's decision to not to trade to the Lakers was because he wasn't trying to be under the shadow of Kobe Bryant.

TMZ recently caught up with YG and asked him about the major trades that happened in the NBA. While the rapper claims he supports "anything westside," he admits that he's a OKC fan. However, the rapper shared a theory as to why he believes Paul George decided not to join the Lakers.

"Paul George ain't tryna be up under the curse of the Lakers and he ain't tryna come to the Lakers and mothafuckas be... I don't know but he's tryna do his own thing." The rapper said, "I respect him for doing his own thing. Make your own legacy, my n****."

He continued, "That's Kobe Bryant team right there... Westbrook and Paul George got a chance to make the fuckin' Thunder they team."

You could peep everything YG had to say below.