Post Malone has been very public about his allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys. YG, on the other hand, is an ardent supporter of all things LA, so naturally, his adulation would fall on the second coming of the Los Angeles Rams. Normally NFL fanbases are segregated to avoid hostility, but in the case of YG and Posty, they were seated side-by-side as their respective teams went head-to-head with al the marbles on the line.

When push came to shove, it was 14-3 Rams who asserted their dominance on the field, and the Cowboys playing catchup for the better part of the contest. And such, YG couldn't resist poking fun at his comrade as the game clock winded down. A noticeably distraught Post Malone was caught on camera in a half arched posture as the Rams pulled away. YG would later repost his glorifying act to Instagram for millions to see. Mind you, the Rams were never expected to lose this contest against a burgeoning Cowboys team, but that didn't prevent Posty from shuddering a "loss of power" as the final result set in.

The NFL playoff schedule resumes this afternoon with two matchups of note: the Chargers vs the Patriots at 1 pm ET, and the Eagles vs the Saints at 4:40 pm ET. Who do you reckon will come out this weekend a victor, hit us with your thoughts?