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YG Reps His Bloods On New Single "Suu Whoop"

YG - Suu Whoop

  Feb 15, 2018 23:39
Listen to YG's new single "Suu Whoop."

First announced back in December of 2016, YG’s third studio album, Just Re’d Up 3: Know Your Worth, has seen a handful of setbacks & delays over the past year or so, despite receiving the song & video for “Pop It Shake It” last Spring. Having left us in the dark ever since then, the Bompton rapper decides to return to the scene today and share a new single presumably off the tape called “Suu Whoop,” which he had teased on social media hours earlier.

The song arrives ahead of YG's big All-Star weekend festivities in his hometown of L.A. The Compton rapper is hosting “The Boogie,” a two-event showcase that will include a 3-on-3 basketball tournament and concert featuring Nipsey Hussle, Belly, Lil’ Pump, DJ Mustard, Syd, and more. So to kick the festivities off, the West Coast spitter decided to release some new heat.

Putting on for his Piru & Blood gang, listen to YG’s hard new street cut and let us know what you think. (Single available on iTunes)

Quotable Lyrics:

The crips know Im with this blood shit
Need a Piru and thats blood bitch
Always down with this thug shit
She get fly she suck dick
Pull up mean muggin’
Oh damn she aint hugging’
If you a square you aint fuckin’
She love Tupac she thuggin' 

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top comment

ima drive around oakland blasting this song and see what happens

- Feb 19, 2018

yg callin out tekaahi made this shit even better🔥

- Feb 16, 2018

This ain't bad. But after Still Brazy everything YG does without Terrace Martin or DJ Swish just sounds bad... YG is best on some real G FUNK

I fuck with YG, but this shit is kinda wack...

Michael Baidoo
- Feb 16, 2018


Oo iFadded
- Feb 16, 2018

I need that album YG stop fucking around

Luda Richie
- Feb 16, 2018

The cover art is cringe worthy

Not feeling it tbh.. i need dat still brazy vibe!!!

- Feb 16, 2018

True. G Funk for life

cosmo X 8
- Feb 16, 2018

The cover is trash the song is trash and the rapper is garbage

Why are you on his song then?

Breezy BLUH!
- Feb 16, 2018

Shut the fuck up & enjoy the song.

- Feb 16, 2018

Better put out songs with mustard on that beat hoe

- Feb 16, 2018

this is mustard production too dummy

- Feb 16, 2018

That cover looks like chicken in sauce

Playboy X
- Feb 16, 2018


- Feb 16, 2018

I like YG but that cover is simply disappointing.

Fuck this trash ass fake blood. Ole bool aid ass nigga. That's on 500 blk frootas. Word to ma red flag 🚩🔴👌🤞

Marcy Son
- Feb 16, 2018

Lolololol nigga. Bhris Breezy fans only shoot hairsprays and stab Barbie dolls bro 😂😂😂

- Feb 16, 2018

@Marcy Son : lmaooo

- Feb 17, 2018

your the biggest fruit on this cite and thats on the northside

Gerald Rogers
- Feb 16, 2018


- Feb 16, 2018

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 YG doesn't disappoint us this time

Luiz Felipe Lima
- Feb 16, 2018

yg is hanging too much with 21 savage

- Feb 16, 2018

Yg top 5 💯


ima drive around oakland blasting this song and see what happens

- Feb 16, 2018

Lol good luck chump dont go near the bottoms

- Feb 16, 2018

IG live it or you a bitch

- Feb 16, 2018


- Feb 16, 2018

Aint with the pink hair blood shit

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