If you haven’t noticed by now, rappers nowadays typically like to tease their new music on Instagram before giving it out to the masses. It’s a smart marketing strategy that helps the artist gage the future success of the record based on fans’ reactions to it and the hype it builds. So just about every artist, outside of the top dawgs, like to tease their upcoming music ahead of time on Instagram, and that holds true for West Coast rapper YG, who just shared a preview of an upcoming single with DJ Mustard the other day.

YG didn’t reveal any information about the song, like what’s called or if it’s off his upcoming album or not, but it’s always nice to hear the two frequent collaborators reunite on a record.

“Hey Mustard Im about to put out that new shit foolie. New shit bitch new music on bloods.” YG happily screams in the camera before their new song comes on in the studio and the Bompton rapper can be heard rapping repetitively about how bad of a bitch he’s with. The song sounds to be a club anthem for the ladies to twerk & shake their assets to.

The preview surfaces just a couple days after finding out that YG will be playing in "The Boogie" basketball tournament going down over the NBA All-Star weekend. The 3 on 3 celebrity basketball game will include rappers like Nipsey Hussle, Belly, DJ Mustard, Syd, and more.

While we wait for details on YG's upcoming releases, check out the preview of his & Mustard's forthcoming collab (below) and let us know what you think.