DJ Mustard's sound is more present than ever these days. While we're now hearing various types of artists take on the signature west coast snap the DJ is known for, YG is definitely one of the first to take on the style. 

In a recent Funkmaster Flex freestyle, it was speculated that YG was taking shots at Tyga-- who made a lot of noise with his "Rack City" single, which happened to be produced by Mustard --as well as fellow west coast rapper Problem.

In an interview with MTV, YG made it clear that he left things open to interpretation, though he was adamant that if anyone felt the verse applied to them, then they should certainly take it as a diss.

"Look man, I was rappin' on that freestyle, you feel me? I ain't say nobody names, I don't know where names came from," he said. "But if somebody, whoever feel like I was talkin' to 'em, fo' sho. If you don't fo' sho. That's all about that."

While keeping his targets anonymous, the Bompton rapper stressed that he tells nothing but the truth on record.

"I know one thing though, I be stating facts though when spit my little shit. I state facts fo' sho'," he said. "But that ain't nothin' though, that ain't nothin' to keep talkin' about, just a little play, play. I'm about to start rappin' on these niggas."

Watch the freestyle below. The alleged shots come at the 1:20 mark.