No, YG is not 49-years-old. In case you were curious about the Compton rapper's age recently and decided to Google it to find the answer, you likely fell upon some clearly false information. Usually, Google can be trusted to get you the answers you need in a very swift manner. However, when it comes to the "FDT" artist's age, the popular search engine has literally no clue.

As reported by RapCurrent, the rapper is currently listed as being 49-years-old when you search for him on Google. He has been given the wrong birthday as well with Google writing December 2, 1969 when he was actually born on March 9, 1990. A quick view of his Wikipedia page notes that he was born in South Korea, which is also obviously incorrect. After some research, we've determined that the algorithm is actually leading curious searchers to Yang Hyun-suk's page, a South Korean music executive. Obviously, something went wrong and Google got a little drunk. It happens sometimes.

This comes just days after the rapper announced that he's prepping a sequel to his Donald Trump diss track. There's no release date yet for the next edition of "FDT" but we're excited to hear what YG has to say this time around. In case you're still wondering, YG is 28-years-old.