Last Wednesday, YG attended a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of his latest business venture – a collaboration between his TeleHealth Van program and the City of Hawthorne that will work to bring mental health services to underserved communities that are in need of them.

“TeleHealth Van is a service that we created for the people in the inner-cities,” the “Surgery” rapper told TMZ this summer. “It works like—you basically don’t leave your house if you got a mental health situation or got doctors you need to talk to. The van comes to your location and you get in the van—it’s basically like doing a Zoom call. You get in the van and you see your mental health worker or [doctor] over the screen, and y’all have y’all session.”

The 31-year-old teamed up with NFL player Todd Gurley and entrepreneur Dion Rambo to launch TeleHealth Van, which has since expanded its operation to include three more 5G-enabled vans that will provide a wide range of services to the public in underserved areas, including mental health screenings in collaboration with the UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine, as well as assistance with medical insurance submissions.

For Los Angeles residents that can’t afford wifi, or have a poor connection in their home, YG’s program, which works with county and city health departments, clinics, adult centres, and foster care provides, will allow them to virtually connect with medical professionals like never before.

“The city is, for sure, getting involved, getting behind it. Everybody loves they idea. They love the fact that it’s Black people doing something real for the Black community,” he said to TMZ.

Read more about the services offered by TeleHealth Van here.