Over the weekend, Kanye West stirred up even more controversy after his appearance on SNL. The rapper shared a selfie of himself wearing his "Superman cape" a.k.a his MAGA hat and declared that the headgear represented " good and America becoming whole again." He continued to say that he plans on building factories in America to create jobs. Now, YG is hoping that Kanye will make a new hat for him in the future.

While Kanye West said that he put "positive energy" into his MAGA hat during his visit to The Fader office, YG hopes that Kanye West could also make him a hat once everything begins to get manufactured in America.

"Since we manufacturing everything in America, kan you make my FUCK DONALD TRUMP hats @kanyewest ?" He wrote on Twitter.

YG's stance on Donald Trump has been clear since he teamed up with Nipsey Hussle for their track, "FDT." However, the Compton native has also been critical of Kanye West ever since his first meeting with Trump in New York City. However, it doesn't seem like he lost hope immediately. After Kanye's pro-Trump rant in the spring, YG still showed love to Yeezy while continuing to denounce Donald Trump.

"KANYE WE LOVE YOU. BUT FUCK TRUMP," he wrote on Twitter in April.