Coming fresh off his "Just Re'd Up 2" mixtape, YG decided to switch the focus onto his debut album and reveal some news about it. YG has announced that the album will be titled "Welcome To Bompton" and will have Young Jeezy as an executive producer.

YG spoke with, and had this to say about his upcoming project: 

“I’m gonna be on some YG, turnt up street shit. I’m gonna do the ‘Welcome to Bompton’ theme, that’d be dope. I’m turning the C to a B, so niggas gonna be talking, like oooooooh.. that shit gonna be hard, yea that’s gonna be hard. And its my first album, it’s like an introduction at the same time, its my first album, like my introduction to the whole world.” 

The 24 year old rapper said he didn't feel the album was ready to come out until he noticed the streets and clubs showing support to his in-house producer DJ Mustard. He mentions that the rising producer will help his "shit crack off faster" with his latest success. DJ Mustard is known for producing tracks like Drake's "The Motto", Tyga's "Rack City", and 2 Chainz & Young Jeezy's "R.I.P", to name a few.

As stated above, YG mentioned that Young Jeezy will serve as an executive producer for the album. And that the two developed a chemistry while working on the record "We Playin", which features Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy himself. 

Expect "Welcome to Bompton" to be released later this year through Def Jam Records.