For weeks, people have been speculating about Kehlani's relationship status. Some gossip bloggers had started to spread rumors that she and Compton rapper YG had romantically linked up and yesterday, the two artists confirmed that speculation. They were seen holding hands at New York Fashion Week, which was a tell-tale sign that they were working on their own personal relationship. Lani didn't feel like brewing the pot for too long because she just spilled the tea on everybody. She and YG are officially a couple.

The new mother shared a trio of photos from this week, showing her and the Young Gangsta getting very close in some adorable new shots. "Cats out the bag," wrote the singer on Instagram, hereby declaring herself and YG one of the new power couples in the music industry. In the first pic, YG leans into Kehlani's face and plants a sweet kiss on her cheek. In the following shots, they look immensely happy together as they embrace in the middle of a fancy setting.

Do you think these two will last? Something about them just seems right. Maybe they can beat the odds and prove that not all Hollywood couples are doomed for failure.