YFN Lucci is winning right now. The rapper recently dropped off his debut album Ray Ray From Summerhill. While things are going well for him, it looks like there's another rapper who claims Lucci's biggest song to date was ripped off from his.\

YFN Lucci is facing accusations of ripping off Rackboy Cam's song "Everything Be Lit" for his single "Everyday We Lit," TMZ reports. Rackboy Cam claims Lucci took the song and turned it into a commercially successful song with "negligible differences." The obtained documents say Cam's song came out in 2015 and Lucci's hit single is essentially exactly the same, specifically the hook. He cites that the melodies in the two songs are essentially the same.

Aside from the hook, Rackboy also says that Lucci also took similar themes from his song. He says two out of the three elements of the song were taken from his. As Rackboy raps about his jewelry, car and women, he claims YFN took the jewelry and women aspect.

Now, Rackboy wants a judge to remove the song from receiving any sort of radio play and to make sure that sales from the song stop. He's also asking the judge to make YFN Lucci cough up any profits he made from the song. 

YFN Lucci hasn't directly responded to the allegations but we'll keep you updated on the case. 

Peep the two songs below.