Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci are clearly over hence all the quotable content and cryptic posts shared to both of their social media platforms. “This girl said I don’t make her feel safe,” YFN wrote with crying laughing emojis in a since-deleted tweet. “U should leave me then because your life is wayyyyy more important than this relationship."

YFN is clearly taking the breakup quite hard since he hopped on Instagram Live to talk about the matter with a bottle on Hennessy by his side. In the clip below you can see YFN explain his plan to grow his hair out since his girl has left him. "No feelings...I won't ever have no feelings ever again," he said. "Feel me, that's on my mama." While YFN's words are a bit hard to transcribe, it's clear that at one point he said he would rather have no feelings than ever "go back to that."

The second clip has YFN singing a different tune explaining how he's going to keep calling Reginae and keep it going. While YFN is back on forth on what he wants, Reginae is seemingly very much over it since she dropped off a few power quotes - that's how you know it's real. The more recent passage Reginae has shared echoes sentiments about putting your money and education before your emotions and love.