Although a few people aren't really rocking with VLAD TV right now, particularly those who found his comments about Louis Farrakhan recently to be rather offensive, there's no denying that he usually can get his interview subjects to talk extensively. That's what happened during his latest interview with YFN Lucci, who opened up in further detail about a few things that also included his breakup with Reginae Carter last year over that now-infamous Cucumber Party.

YFN Lucci Reginae Carter Cucumber Challenge breakup VLAD TV
Image: Prince Williams/WireImage

Although the pair seem to be on the up and up at the moment, that didn't stop Vlad from bringing up their past — that's probably one of the reasons he's hated so much right now, but I digress. Lucci didn't shy away from the subject though, instead giving reasoning behind his actions and why the whole thing shouldn't have been that big of a deal to begin with. "I understand where they come from when they say I shouldn't have commented on the shit, or I shouldn't have been at the party, but I'm just hosting the party," he said to Vlad, following up by simply adding, "I'm just here; I ain't goddamn putting no cucumber in no girl mouth n'shit." As far as his comments towards the girl who was, well, showing off her oral skills on the cucumber in question, Lucci brushed off his curiosity as, in his words, "just some shit I ain't never seen." 

He went on to add that the situation was no reason to breakup over, and judging off their relationship at the moment it appears he was right. More power to 'em! 

Watch the part of YFN Lucci's VLAD TV interview below where he speaks on the Cucumber Challenge subject, and let us know down in the comments if you think his explanation is a valid one: