YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter became the hottest couple in the game in 2018, but over the weekend, some subliminal shots may have been thrown that may have indicated that they've called it quits for good. 

Reginae hinted there were issues in her relationship with YFN Lucci towards the end of January when she tweeted how she hates "friendly" dudes. During Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta, she shared a post on her Instagram which read, "let him go, keep yourself," before adding, “I will do exactly that.” Many thought they may have been donezo after they made separate appearances at Super Bowl parties. 

Although Reginae Carter's tweet didn't confirm that they split, YFN Lucci seemingly validated the theories with a post on Instagram. "LOVE is just a word it don’t matter to me #FREE21," he wrote.

Shortly after Lucci's post, Carter took to Twitter to throw some subliminal shots at her ex-boyfriend, writing, "Alexa play “how to love “ by Lil Wayne." 

Things between YFN Lucci and Reginae have been slightly rocky over the past few months. In late December, Reginae revealed they decided to "cool it down" a little bit to focus on her career for a bit. That didn't seem to last too long since the two were later spotted looking madly in love while during New Year's Eve