Just like that, Armani Caesar and YFN Lucci appear to be the next big rap couple.

Before this week, nobody had them on their radar. Individually, they've both been making noise. As the First Lady of Griselda, Armani Caesar continues to open eyes to her music and, apparently, she's been trying to get a slice of that fame too because, on Instagram, she shared two pictures in bed with Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci.

Big Lucc was most recently romantically linked to Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne's daughter, but he looks to be over his ex and is getting back on the prowl. Considering the pictures posted on Armani's page, it's safe to assume that he could be getting on with the up-and-coming rapper.

Leaving the post without a caption, the two seemingly had lots of chemistry, possibly debuting their relationship to the world as they ogled over one another. Armani Caesar rocked her nicest black lace lingerie, which is another factor that has people guessing that these two are together. 

There remains a possibility that this was just for a music video shoot.

Do you think that Armani Caesar and YFN Lucci are dating or are they just trolling their fans into believing they are? Do they make a nice couple?