Over the years, YesJulz has proven to be a lightning rod for criticism - especially when matters of hip-hop discussion are raised. Today, she found herself on the receiving end of some ire after fielding a comparison between EarthGang and OutKast. Of course, such a take is far from uncommon, and both acts are simply brimming with talent and eclectic flavor. And yet, her phrasing managed to ruffle feathers (a response she likely anticipated considering the "don't @ me"), with particular emphasis on her perceived disrespect of the B-I-G to the B-O-I.  "Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre’s," she writes. "I’m so here for it."

She did, however, attempt to clarify her position. "Where was the disrespect? I love OutKast. I love bigboi," she writes, upon fielding no shortage of doubters. "I grew up on them. I love Earthgang. I simply feel that they both favor Andre a bit more stylistically. I was simply giving a complement. No need to turn this into a negative thing. Please carry on with your day & enjoy it." 

Curiously enough, this is hardly a new phenomenon. One need only look to the recent Top 50 onslaught, which only highlighted how much Andre is viewed in significantly higher esteem than Daddy Fat Saxx. In some cases, Big Boi is placed between twenty and thirty positions behind Three Stacks, leaving us wondering how high this discrepancy really is. Are we going to forget that Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty is a thing? Because it seems that many have done exactly that. Big Boi is an amazing lyricist and rapper, the perfect counterpoint to Three Stacks and a successful solo artist in his own right. While YesJulz may have meant well with her take, the fact remains that there is indeed a "Big Boi is the inferior half" narrative in hip-hop discourse, and that needs to cease.