T.I. wants to know if these rappers are real ones like they say they are. Last week, a video went viral of a white man named Austin Shuffield brutally attacking a black woman because he didn't like the way she parked her car. Shuffield, a bartender, confronted the woman about her parking job and when she didn't comply with his demands, he brandished a gun and repeatedly punched her in the face.

Once T.I. saw the video of the attack, he took to Instagram Live to ask why there weren't more Dallas rappers and G's stepping up to the plate. "If you in Dallas, if you is in Dallas...Yella Beezy...Trapboy Freddy...all you cats out there who holdin' down the turf," Tip said. "Whether you're Dallas, Fort Worth, wherever you at. It's on your watch! This s**t on your watch. I don't wanna hear none of that tough s**t man from none of y'all. It's time n***a."

"We've been training and practicing all this gangsta sh**t for all these years...get your ass in the game mothaf**ka! What the f**k is you doin'?" In a recent interview with Ashlee on the Radio for Houston's 93.7 The Beat radio station, Yella Beezy made it clear that he wasn't even in town when all of that happened. "I wasn't even in America," Beezy said. "I was in Cabo, so I'm not even knowing what's going on...I don't want to say the wrong thing....he could have called me," Beezy said. "I get where he was coming from, it's just his delivery was wrong. But I'm gonna call him."

The victim suffered a swollen jaw, a black eye, and a concussion. Shuffield faces multiple charges, including hate crimes.