In September 2015, Yelawolf announced his third studio album Trial By Fire. Over two years later, the project has an official release date. In a post to Instagram, the Alabama rapper revealed that his next project will arrive October 27th. He also shared the cover art for the project, which depicts a flaming car shot by Spidey Smith.

In 2016, Yelawolf began the Trial By Fire tour, but cancelled the dates after he had something of a meltdown on stage. "I can't do this no more," he said at a November show in Santa Cruz, as well as getting confrontational with a fan. "You think I gotta keep goin' for you? 'Cause you paid me motherfucker? I'll fight you!"

In June, the rapper announced that he was in a better place and ready to release his long-awaited album. “I took some much needed time for myself and I feel better than ever," he wrote on Instagram. "My apologies to the fans for my absence ... and thank you for your continued support .. it means the world to me !! The new albums my favorite work yet  ... Trial By Fire will be out soon !!!”

He has since released the singles "Row Your Boat" and "Punk" with Juicy J and Travis Barker. In October 2016, he shared "Shadows," which at the time, was billed as a track from the project. That same month, Yelawolfreleased the Hotel mixtape.

When he first shared news of the project, Yela spoke of returning to his roots on the new material. "Time to push all aside and get these ideas recorded," he said. "Songs are like a passing speck of dust in the wind … If you don’t grab it and contain it .. It’ll be gone forever. With all my growth .. I can say returning to my roots has been the greatest blessing. Sharing that with what hip hop brought to my life … I’m forever grateful."