Yelawolf discusses with Rhyme and Reason Magazine in Australia about his recent injury, which resulted in him cancelling tour dates for three weeks.

He explains how it all started, "It started in Los Angeles when I jumped out of some rafters. I jumped out, stage-dived, and landed on someone’s head and come to find a month later that I broke their nose. But at least I landed on someone’s face, I guess," he said. "I might have ruptured my spleen then, and then in Madison, Wisconsin, I jumped into the crowd and I think I hit my back right on the button and it popped and I had internal bleeding and it ruptured my spleen."

He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit, where he was held for several days, 

"I knew something was wrong immediately. The pain was crazy and I was rushed to the hospital. Spent a couple days in the ICU and then a couple more days in the hospital. It was serious. I signed some serious paperwork over to the team of surgeons and shit. But I recovered without having my spleen removed. I had to cut my tour off though," Yela continued. "I’d say these last 2 weeks have been pretty surreal, sitting in ICU with those fuckin' plugs hooked up to my body, and signing papers that say 'If you die, we're not responsible.' It put my life in check."

Watch the full video clip below.