Yelawolf reveals to Rhyme & Reason Magazine that the title of his next album will be Love Story,

"The title to my next album is called Love Story," Yela says, "and we'll be recording it in June, part of July, in Nashville, Tenessee."

He also spoke on his new Johnny Cash tattoo on his head,

"Well, I met a girl named Fefe awhile back, and we kinda clicked on Johnny Cash & June's relationship. I've always kinda like, looked up to Johnny & June, and Johnny particularly because of his cowboy-style, love one woman-type of thing. I've always kinda like, wanted that, you know," Yela continued, "She [Fefe] just became a very important part of my life, and has changed a lot about me, and that tattoo is just a show of appreciation and dedication from me to her, and then also, our understanding of Johnny & June's relationship and how I look up to Johnny Cash as an artist and as a human."

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