With newly surfaced videos, it looks like Yelawolf has suffered a Kanye-esque mental breakdown in front of his fans -- albeit on significantly smaller stages. And like Kanye, Yelawolf has now cancelled the remainder of his tour. At one recent show, the Slumerican boss suddenly tells the crowd, "I can't do this no more," before forcefully throwing down the microphone. 

Yelawolf then begins to have an heated exchange with a fan who was presumably chirping at him for stopping the performance. He picks back up the mic to address the fan and eventually threatens a physical altercation. "Keep goin'?" he says, perhaps repeating the fan's demand. "Because I'm a slave?" he asks. "You think I gotta keep goin' for you? 'Cause you paid me motherfucker? I'll fight you!" 

He then tosses the mic again, takes off his shirt, and soon attempts to move into the crowd, which prompts security to come rushing after him, eventually getting him back up on stage. Yela grabs the mic again, though he sounds to be deeply shaken up. "If you love me, you understand. As a fan..." he stammers before trailing off and then chucking the mic one last time. The show was stopped immediately thereafter. 

There's another worrisome video of Yelawolf performing at the WOW Music Hall in Eugene, OR on Nov. 16. He moves around the stage aimlessly as he picks up and throws down various stage equipment. For some reason, he pushes a large speaker into the crowd. It's unclear exactly what happened after Yela's strange stage destruction. 

As has been confirmed on Yela's website, the remainder of the "Trial By Fire" tour has been cancelled, "due to unforeseen circumstances." 

Slumerican artist Struggle Jennings, an opener on the tour, also commented on the cancellation on Instagram (see above gallery). 

Our condolences go out to Yelawolf and the Slumerican family in what looks to be a trying time. We will update you if more information behind the "unforeseen circumstances" that led him to cancel the tour becomes available.