One artist who isn't shy about sharing his dislike of white rappers is Yelawolf. The Alabama artist has spoken openly about his criticisms of the specific demographic, and he reiterated his thoughts in a recent interview with HipHopDX. Earlier this year, Yelawolf dropped his "Bloody Sunday Freestyle" where he mentioned at a handful of artists—G-Eazy, Post Malone, and MGK—all who happen to fit into that category. However, Yela explained that he wasn't trying to start any beef, he was just trying to get his fellow artists fired up.

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

"I think it's 'cause I come from a school of show and prove, like El-P from [Definitive Jux]," he said of his dislike of white rappers. "Like, that was a white boy I was like, 'Jesus, dude. This guy is the illest.' You know? You gotta be that ill or you're not at all. I didn't like Asher Roth's sh*t. Not hating on Asher's style or....I just, I thought he sounded too much like Marshall. Period."

He said another thing that gets under his skin is "biting," regardless of the creative outlet. Yelawolf added that he took verbal shots at the rappers on "Bloody Sunday Freestyle" for "the sake of sport." At the core of hip hop is battling other artists to see who can come out on top. "First of all, no one I dissed on 'Bloody Sunday' I don't respect. All those guys are talented. Which is why I did it. I'm not shooting a deer in a cage. That's no fun. I expected bars outta G-Eazy to be honest. I expected if anyone was gonna come, I thought G-Eazy was gonna come, but..." 

Before he could finish the thought, the interviewer asked him if he really expected Post Malone to come back with bars. "Actually, I was hoping," Yela replied. "His Wikipedia says hip hop...Dude's a G, man. He kills it. I respect all them guys." Post did previously offer a bit of a response on Twitter by calling Yela a "nerd." Watch Yelawolf's clip below.