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Yelawolf Drops "Catfish Billy 2" From Upcoming Album

Yelawolf - Catfish Billy 2

  Mar 22, 2019 09:37
The sequel to "Catfish Billy" is officially out.

Yelawolf has been hitting his stride this month, coming through with his first TM3 single and unleashing a series of firey freestyles. When the Shady Records rapper announced that he would be dropping a follow-up to "Catfish Billy," fans were both excited and a little wary at the same time. The original is so vital in Yela's discography so when it came to following up the song, some people were appropriately intrigued to see if he'd come back with the heat. Thankfully, people will likely be satisfied with the outcome of "Catfish Billy 2."

This is the second single from Yelawolf's upcoming project Trunk Muzik 3, which will be his last offering on Shady Records. It's appropriate that at the end of his tenure under Eminem, he's just starting to open more eyes and remind people of just how wild he can be on the mic. Yela has a unique sound, aggressively battling in his bars and spitting raw emotion from his soul. That's apparent on the "Catfish Billy" sequel, which is out now for audience consumption.

What do you think of the second single from TM3? Are you looking forward to hearing the full project?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve been that boy since I was smoking banana peels
Back in Alabama with the ballpen
Hammer knocking hubcaps off the wheel
Stealing bowties off the grills
Momma said, "No carbonated soda ‘fore you go to bed"
But I never listened to her
A two-liter bong with a tinfoil bowl
Full of cheap hydro is illegal, I’m sure
But I learned from watching the neighbors

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quabbity ashwitz
- Mar 26, 2019

Idk how a white rapper can have such an awesome voice

Spirit Sword
- Mar 25, 2019

Yelawolf is nice again now that he aint signed to Em no more

yall gassin this up but he will only sell 10k first week

Jon Rosario
- Mar 24, 2019

He’s already sold 10k in presales!! 🤣🤣🤣

- Mar 24, 2019

Should be number 1, that logic song is boring/trash everyone just like the beat

You're an idiot
- Mar 24, 2019

trunk shit

Andi Breth
- Mar 24, 2019

been long overdue

Duckworth McVay
- Mar 23, 2019

this is fucking fire

Oxlade from Newark
- Mar 23, 2019

This track alone is better than the whole Rich the Kid album

Lil Slykk
- Mar 23, 2019

Whoever disliked this comment is a fucking cunt

Éric Therrien
- Mar 23, 2019

Sounds good so far... Will definitly check that album out

Average Canadian
- Mar 22, 2019

Can we get a release date??? This mother fucker released a whole EP worth of Fire freestyles

- Mar 22, 2019

March 29th famo

amazing how much better yelawolf's music is when eminem doesn't have his hand in it.

Anthony Edward Stark
- Mar 22, 2019

Love Story was a dope album, that had Em's hands in it. Trial by Fire was on Shady but Eminem didn't have a part in it, and that was garbage. TM3 is still on Shady, but Eminem isn't attached outside of the label.

Not So Slim Shady
- Mar 23, 2019

Apart from radioactive Eminem always gave Yelawolf full creative control on his projects. Yelawolf says it himself in all his releases.

- Mar 23, 2019

@Anthony Edward Stark : trial by fire was excellent

Fucking Funk
- Mar 23, 2019

Metro boomin you’re retarded and just proved that you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. This album is still under Shady dumbass. And Yelawolf has full control of his stuff so youre dissing Yelawolf. Blaming Shady is the most ignorant shit bc Shady lets Yela do what he wants while Shady just provides the budget. You get an L

Fucking Funk
- Mar 23, 2019

All of Yelas art is amazing. Stop hating on the real shit because not many people create real shit anymore. You close minded kids and racists ruin everything.

MC Rich
- Mar 22, 2019

This album is about to change my trunks life.

Da wise sponge
- Mar 24, 2019

Haha for real i wanna buy a new sound system for my ride just for this album

Bola Bombay
- Mar 22, 2019

TM3 intro slaps even harder

Baraka Obama
- Mar 22, 2019

i recently became a yelawolf fan guess you can call me a bandwagon fan cause before the freestyles i didnt pay attention to him

- Mar 22, 2019

Trunk muzik mixtape is 🔥

Justin Mccall
- Mar 22, 2019

Joe Budden was right Eminem just kept these "better than him MCs" around just for motivation 🆗Factz 💯

Justin Mccall
- Mar 23, 2019

Thumbing down you don't know hip hop , Eminem is chitt compared to Slaughterhouse an Yela 💯💯🆗

Dee Kay
- Mar 22, 2019

Yela is a fuckin' dawg. Niggaz so sleep on that man.

Fucking Funk
- Mar 22, 2019

Anyone hating on Yela at this point is just a subconscience racist. Too many dumbasses dislike something just bc they’re white and different. Childish.

- Mar 22, 2019

Sound like old yela. I’m here for dis

- Mar 22, 2019


- Mar 22, 2019

Yela stepped up. This should be getting more attention than Rich tha kid

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