The Box Chevy is set to ride again, possibly for one last hurrah. Earlier today, Yelawolf dropped off the lead single of his upcoming Trunk Muzik 3, which marks his final album on Shady Records. Now, the Alabama emcee has come through with the album's release date, which he announced via press release. Fans will be pleased to know that they'll have the album by the end of the month, March 29th to be specific. 

"Trunk Muzik 3 is my third installment to the Trunk Muzik series,” explains Yela. “The album gets back to these 808’s and classic southern rap cadences. Of all the album styles and songs I’ve released over the years, this was the funnest project to make." The news bodes well for those hoping for a more bar-heavy Yela, and if "TM3" is any indication, he'll be bringing some crazy flows to match.

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Keep an eye out for Yela's Trunk Muzik 3, and check out the tracklist below. While there doesn't appear to be any listed guests, it wouldn't be surprising to see the full roster of appearances emerge in the coming weeks. You think Yela has an Em feature on deck?

1. "TM3 Intro"
2. "Catfish Billy 2"
3. "Rowdy"
4. "Special Kind of Bad"
5. "Like I Love You"
6. "Drugs"
7. "Trailer Park Hollywood"
8. "No Such Thing As Free"
9. "We Slum"
10. "Box Chevy VI"
11. "All The Way Up"
12. "Over Again"
13. "Addiction"
14. "Over Here"