Kanye West is using his yeezy.supply website to count down (or up) to the Yeezy Season 3 stream, which doubles as the release date for his next, apparently unnamed record. The timer will expire at 4PM EST on February 11.

A video plays in the background of the countdown. It features an unnamed woman showing off her ankle monitor and saying “The trap life chose me, ‘cause I have to fuck with the monitor on my ankle tonight.” It’s unclear what the video is from, but there are at least two other men filming in the video. It could be old tour footage, or it could be the beginning of a really low budget porn film. Nothing would surprise us at this point.

It’s unclear what will become available when the timer runs out, but if it’s a live stream of the event then you can bet everyone who shelled out for theater tickets will be pretty upset about it. It’s also possible some Yeezy Season 3 apparel will go on sale right at 4pm, so be sure to check the site on Thursday at 4pm.