When Kanye West debuted his YEEZY Season 3 collection alongside The Life of Pablo, people were surprised. How did Kanye, who had only just released the YEEZY Season 1 collection, already have a 3rd collection on the way when his 2nd season had yet to hit stores or even get an official release date? Turns out those questions were warranted.

Hypebeast has reported that retailers who carried YEEZY Season 1 received an email from Pete Fox, the new brand president for YEEZY. The email stated tthat YEEZY Season 2, “will not be produced in its entirety or launched following a traditional fashion calendar.” The email also explained that certain pieces from the collection will release individually throughout the year.

If that sounds a bit concerning to you, it should be. Most retailers buy their inventory according to the Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter collection releases that all high fashion houses follow. Releasing things individually and intermittently between those seasonal drops will cause fewer retailers to stock the items. On top of that, many of the Season 1 items (aside from the shoes) are still available for discounted prices at many retailers, so they would be unlikely to re-up anyway.

However, there is a silver lining for YEEZY fans. These changes are apparently being made to increase quality and reduce price. Also, the next round of YEEZY Boost sneakers will still be dropping this summer on June 6. Seems like adidas is prioritizing the stuff that sells.

[via Hypebeast]