Shannade Clermont is on a close watch when it comes to traveling since the former Yeezy model got booked for stealing the debit cards of a man who allegedly paid her as a prostitute. The plot thickened when the man was later found dead due to a drug overdose and Shannade used his cards to purchase over $20,000 in goods. 

Shannade is already in trouble for traveling to Detroit for a strip club appearance and according to The Blast, she's looking for permission to travel to New Jersey to see her grandfather who is “ill and in hospice care.” The move to see her grandpa as soon as possible is a good one, since she may end up serving some time behind bars for her crime. As we previously posted, she's been charged by a Grand Jury in New York on three felony charges, including wire fraud, access device fraud, and identity theft. 

"As alleged, Shannade Clermont, a former cast member of the Bad Girls Club, lived up to her reality series reputation," U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said of her charges. “Clermont’s new reality is federal prosecution for her alleged nefarious conduct.”