YBN Nahmir admitted himself that on some level, he does seek monogamish companionship, and he might be one step closer to realizing his goals. A Twitter exchange between Nahmir and Instagram celebrity Sahlt has given us cause to believe the two are currently an item. Sahlt is literally offering him amnesty in her heart locket. The following "subtweets" have all been reposted by Nahmir himself.

"I could never get enough.." come again young fellow?

Oh right my bad, as you were lovebird.

YBN Nahmir is following in the footsteps of his group mate YBN Almighty Jay in choosing a high profile relationship over something more discrete. Almighty Jay's half-year jaunt with Blac Chyna seems to have fizzled out while we were fast asleep. Sahlt, on the other hand, is a lesser known commodity than Blac Chyna, but her 1.2 million followers do offer her an elevated platform to make a grandstand whenever she chooses to do so.

YBN Nahmir isn't doing too bad himself. With the emergence of YBN Cordae, the group feels more comprehensive or complete. Either they've been plugged a whole lot by their management consortium, or things are just falling into place. Regardless, things are looking up for Mr. Nahmir.

She's already an "Auntie."